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Drop Ship with RVVC

While RVVC’s drop ship program isn’t new, it’s a tool that may help save money while we wait for the milk markets to improve. It’s a simple idea: submit an order for any medications or supplies that you would normally get off your vet’s truck or pick up from the clinic and everything is delivered directly to your farm within 2 business days.

The best part? It’s much cheaper than getting things off the truck or in person!!

Here are the details:

RVVC works with two suppliers, Animal Health International (AHI) and MWI Veterinary Supply. To order from AHI, call RVVC or Fax (608-546-2032) the order form that AHI provides. Email works too, our address is Orders received by RVVC before noon are submitted to AHI and will be delivered the next business day. Those placed on Fridays that would contain refrigerated medications or vaccines will be submitted to AHI the following Monday with delivery expected Tuesday. The bill comes to RVVC and it is added to your monthly statement, so there isn’t another check to write. AHI offers free shipping for orders over $300, which seems daunting, but will work with some planning.

MWI has an online ordering platform, MyAnimalRx, where you can place an order online anytime. RVVC will need an email address to start your registration and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to complete it. Like AHI, the bill from MWI comes to RVVC and it’s added to your monthly statement.

Since RVVC is assuming the responsibility for your payment to AHI and MWI, your account with RVVC must be current; meaning that to enjoy this benefit, your RVVC bill must be paid in full every month.

If you’re interested in the program and are eligible, call RVVC to get started!

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