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Bovine Services – 
Plain and Reedsburg

Dairy Herd Management



Failure Passive Transfer Testing

Health Certificates

Tuberculosis Testing


Ultrasound - Reproduction

All of our veterinarians are trained in reproduction ultrasound.  This service includes fetal sexing. 

Ambulatory Services

Sick cow? Dystocia?  Our offices are available for emergency medicine, LDA/RDA surgeries, minor surgeries, and calving assistance

Herd level Diagnostics

River Valley Vet Clinic are available to support and diagnosis any issues that are effecting all of your farm animals.

Calf Intensive Care

The Plain office has facilities to provide intensive care for your sick calves.  We are equipped for bloodwork, intravenous medicine, and full day monitoring.  

In-house Diagnostics

Both clinics are able to perform:

milk cultures

fecal examinations


Preventative  Medicine

Our veterinarians are equipped to assist you create vaccination protocols personalized to your farm.

Breeding Soundness Exam

Semen testing is essential to assuring a successful breeding season.  Schedule your appointment with one of our doctors!


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pharmacy for all pet needs 

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